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InfoCreate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “IFC”) is engaged in the business to handle valuable information of all of you on the Internet. “To provide the information requested to those who are seeking” is the value of the Website we think.

Based on the above, IFC considers that to protect the personal information is our most important responsibility. IFC enacts the following policy of personal information protection and declare that IFC keeps the personal information under strict operation and management.

Collect of personal information

In accordance with the IFC’s Personal Information Protection Management System, in order to acquire personal information except for publicly available personal information, we will clarify the usage purpose of the personal information to be acquired, in writing, etc, and obtain it with consent before we obtain it in a legal and appropriate manner.

Use and disclosure of personal information

With regard to the use and disclosure of personal information, IFC will do within the scope of the purpose of use which are agreed in writing, etc. IFC will take measures to ensure the handling of it and will thoroughly implement the necessary and appropriate internal organization and employee education. In the event that a new purpose of use the personal information arises, we will inform customer to that effect and seek consent.

Management and protection of personal information

In accordance with the IFC’s Personal Information Protection Management System, we will prevent any personal leakage, loss or damage, etc. and will safely accumulate and keep personal information that we have acquired under strict control.

Disclosure of personal information, correction, deletion etc.

When customer wish to disclose personal information registered in IFC, we will disclose customers information after confirming that requestor is the principal based on the procedures specified by IFC. As a result of disclosure, IFC will correct and delete promptly when it becomes obvious that the contents are incorrect or error.

Compliance with related laws and regulations

IFC comply with relevant laws on personal information protection, guidelines and other norms established by the government.

IFC’s organization of personal information and establishment of customer contacts concerning inquiries, complaints and consultations

IFC clarify the organizational structure and responsible persons concerning personal information protection. IFC also set up customer contacts for personal information and we respond promptly and accurately to inquiries, complaints and consultations.

Continuous improvement of personal information protection management system

In order to ensure that the IFC’s personal information protection management system always responds to various laws, guidelines and other norms established by the government and also changes in social conditions, changes in the business domain, etc., IFC shall make necessary reviews and make continuous improvements based on the audit results periodically conducted.

Date of enactment : September 1, 2007
Revision date : November 1, 2010

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